Cabriolette by Martinelli Luce, Design Studio Natural
Cabriolette by Martinelli Luce, Design Studio Natural

A perfect balance of technology, functionalism and minimalism, design complicity and convergence of know-how. All in a brand that for over 50 years has produced lamps and lighting systems, in collaboration with the inventive flair and aesthetic experience of a multidisciplinary studio that has won many international honors.

The company is Martinelli Luce, while the creative talents are Marco De Santi and Alessandro Paoletti of Studio Natural. The idea arose in the wake of research conducted by the two designers, with the aim of creating a luminous object that can interact with users. The long-term collaboration with Martinelli Luce has made it possible to pass from the concept to the lamp: Cabriolette.

The name foreshadows a ‘mobile’ character, reinforced by the graphic and dynamic design. Cabriolette also enables users to have a tactile relationship, playing with light, moving and turning it. Just like the top of a convertible auto, which protects passengers from the sun or bad weather, the reflector of Cabriolette can be transformed, aiming the light where it is needed.

Adjustable, efficient, versatile

Cabriolette is a flexible object for everyday activities, a product for constant use, capable of adapting to different needs in public and private contexts, inside any type of interior architecture. A few centimeters of presence, but thanks to its design it can set the direction of a beam of light by turning the head – which is also the diffuser – by 180°. The reflector comes in white, yellow and periwinkle violet for the table version, and in white or black for the wall version.

The table version is a discreet figure, providing clear advantages in terms of space with its appealing forms. The lighting can be adjusted thanks to a dimmer on the switch, creating atmosphere and bringing a vivid character.

The applique, composed of a wall plate that makes the unit very sturdy, has an arm at its center to support the reflector, featuring an open segment that allows the internal light sources to project a directional beam.

The cordless model has been created to enhance any type of space, from the terrace to the patio, the lounge to the garden, conveying a warm sense of welcome. This version can be taken into any location, also thanks to its rechargeable battery, providing freedom of movement and taking light where it is needed most. At the same time, it is an attractive décor element, with essential, rounded and soft lines.