Cyborg Outdoor by Martinelli Luce, Design Karim Rashid
Cyborg Outdoor by Martinelli Luce, Design Karim Rashid

Observing carefully, they seem like dramatic bridges connecting distant lands, evocative totems of hidden sacred power, or futuristic constructions rising to the sky. What they share is a vivid material character, shaped by organic design that bestows extreme lightness as a whole. These microarchitectures are actually light sources for outdoor spaces, and new additions to the outdoor collections of Martinelli Luce.

The company has created a family of lamps whose distinctive feature is the use of concrete: the simplicity of this material, interpreted in the design and the innovative approach of Martinelli Luce, has been conveyed into an object that is able to contain a luminous core, and to create games of light, interacting with its energy. The concrete body is the sole element that grants form to the lamp, aiming the luminous beam of the LEDs along precise trajectories and sinuous profiles. The shared nature of the material allows these creations easily to establish a dialogue with the surrounding panorama, from terraces to gardens, buildings to pavements, also adding a decorative touch when not in use. At the same time, concrete is the ideal material for outdoor spaces, thanks to its strength, solidity and durability.

Amanita by Martinelli Luce, Design Emiliana Martinelli

The latest addition to the family is Amanita, which reinforces the outdoor dimension in both its name and its form, directly based on that of a small mushroom. The compact proportions are emphasized by the low, sturdy base in reinforced concrete that supports the diffuser (in polycarbonate), positioned in the lower part of the cap.

Koala by Martinelli Luce,
Design Emiliana Martinelli

Equally simple and solid, Koala is a small applique with soft, rounded forms, which literally clings to the wall. Koala has a double LED light source that generates direct and indirect brightness.

Cyborg Outdoor by Martinelli Luce,
Design Karim Rashid

More sculptural impressions are produced by Cyborg and Pont, both featuring a curved graphic image. Cyborg outdoor is the version for the open air of the iconic model designed by Karim Rashid for interiors, now available in concrete while conserving its distinctive image: when it is on, the lamp seems to hover, suspended by its own beam of light.

Pont by Martinelli Luce,
Design Marc Sadler

Elsewhere, a luminous arch springs from the ground: it’s Pont, a light presence that defines and accompanies pathways and trails with its indirect lighting and essential style. The Martinelli Luce outdoor collections thus find a new contemporary and innovative channel of expression, capable of stimulating images, memories and new sensations.