A competition of art, culture, environment and society

For its first edition, the International Art Award for Ceramics organized by the Iris Ceramica Group’s foundation invites young talents and professionals to experiment with new creative forms, putting the spotlight on cultural content

Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group - Premio Internazionale d’Arte
Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group - Premio Internazionale d’Arte

To bring dignity and appeal to every expressive form of ceramic material – this is a mission pursued by Iris Ceramica Group with exceptional expertise and poetic flair. This innovative spirit now has another new vehicle, namely the first edition of the International Art Award for Ceramics, organized by the group’s foundation and aimed at new generations of creative talents.

The goal is to emphasize the importance of art and design in the context of the research that lies behind every single ceramic piece, as indispensable factors of all the group’s production. The competition will spotlight the value of Italian and foreign talents, in a perspective of sustainability and preservation of know-how in this sector.

A symbolic image chosen to communicate the award.
Interior of the Iris Ceramica Group showroom in Milan.

The range of action is a wide one, thanks to the division of the competition into two sections. Participants under 25 – students registered on the AFAM circuit – will be able to reveal the culture and experimentation of the company through the high value of artistic training of the educational organizations to which they belong: academies of fine arts, public and private, art institutes, etc.

The section over 25 is for professionals, artists and designers who are asked to create a work or a prototype in ceramic. For Iris Ceramica Group this is a true investment in design and artistic research aimed at generating new ideas, a starting point on which to build collaborations and develop talents.

The Iris Ceramica Group showroom in Milan.

Registration for the competition is free of charge. The deadline for entry and online upload of materials is 30/09/2022. The parameters of selection and evaluation of the works are originality, sustainability and technical, aesthetic or conceptual innovation. The jury is composed of Federica Minozzi, CEO of Iris Ceramica Group, with a passion for contemporary art; Pietro Cantore, gallerist; Giovanna Cassese, art historian and president of ISIA Faenza; Tommaso Corvi Mora, gallerist and ceramist; Antonia Iannone, gallerist; Judith S. Schwartz, professor emeritus at New York University.

The winning works and best projects will be on view in the flagship store in Milan and in the group’s international locations. For details on the guidelines see https://prize.irisceramicagroup.com/download/contest_rule_it.pdf