Versace Home: design, fashion and art

The three disciplines mingle in the home collection of the fashion maison, thanks to collaboration with Luxury Living Group and the designers Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini. An explosive mixture presented during the recent Milano Design Week 2022

Versace Home, Milano Design Week 2022
Versace Home, Milano Design Week 2022

It’s hard to set the boundaries. The new Versace Home collection seamlessly flows through design, fashion and art, mixing contours with disruptive force. A matter of teamwork, involving Donatella Versace and Roberto Palomba & Ludovica Serafini, conveying the infinite facets of the brand in an irresistible way. The bold, non-conformist codes of the world of fashion are shifted into a large series of furnishings and an unprecedented outdoor line, concentrated in the dreamy installation at Palazzo della Permanente during the latest Milano Design Week.

An immersive setting, fully expressing the opulent Versace style, where the color red was a dominant for fabrics, leathers, precious silks and jacquard weaves, in a full range of tones accompanied by graphics and LED walls.

The games of classicism and contemporary seduction burst into the world of interior design, demonstrating the return to the iconic La Greca (fretted) pattern, for an almost architectural three-dimensional effect. Hence the Venus chair was seen in new finishes, while the Stiletto collection, expanded with many new items, embodied the purity of total white, as well as sophisticated shades of beige and burnt brown.

Unusual vinyl coverings were presented for the collection La Medusa, from the sofa to the Medusa Trono chair, all the way to the impressive upholstered bed, combining modernity and sartorial quality, with stitching providing precious details while evoking the futuristic energy of the latest Versace fashion show.

The energy continued in the Secret Garden, the final phase of the exhibition itinerary at Palazzo della Permanente, with the original Stiletto Outdoor. This new collection for life in the open air has a base in bronze-coated metal or material white for the sofas, finished in a three-dimensional weave of fabric belting, coordinated with the large, welcoming cushions.

The covering fabrics experiment with bright, forceful colors like lime green, fuchsia, Klein blue and yellow, with the same hues for the seats and armchairs combined with the outdoor versions of dining and coffee tables.