Ardore & Somma, Seido collection by Luxence Luxury Living, Design Gwenael Nicolas
Ardore & Somma, Seido collection by Luxence Luxury Living, Design Gwenael Nicolas

On the design thoroughfare par excellence in Milan, Via Durini, Luxury Living Group decided in Marchto launch the furnishings and complements of the new independent brand Luxence Luxury Living. And to make this voyage one of continuing desire for evolution and discovery, with new perspectives and design results.

The lines Cosmopolite, Marco Polo, Nomade, Palazzo and Mediterranea form an array of lifestyle approaches in an immersive, multi-level space of 500 sqm, created to convey a lively, distinctive bond between design, in-depth knowledge of materials and workmanship, quality of implementation and adaptation to contemporary habitat needs. In short, all the know-how of the company based in Forlì that produces and distributes, among others, the collections of Versace Home, Trussardi Casa and Dolce&Gabbana Casa.

Luxence store, Via Durini, Milan, Italy

Details of a sophisticated narrative

The details set the tone of the narration and the aesthetic charm of every piece of furniture by Luxence, and every accessory. These stories are told through the curved lines of the Gala tables and the Jet Set and Royal sofas, or the compositional originality of the Slim, Rudy, Bamboo and Parsons tables.

They are seen in the material mixtures of the variants of the Pavillon table, in the Fifties citations ‘poised’ between fullness and emptiness of the Martha chairs; in the monumental volumes of the Andy and Avenue sofas, or the eclectic comfort of the bedroom zone, with furnishings that become architectural features thanks to the large size of the Avenue and Night Club beds, the high mattresses and headboards that sculpt the space.

Luxence store, Via Durini, Milan, Italy

Seido: a doubly evocative capsule collection

To emphasize the research on unusual connections between fine crafts, material culture and contemporary styling, between the impressions linked to the theme of the voyage and exploration and their visual narration, Luxence Luxury Living recently turned to the versatile approach of Gwenael Nicolas, founder of the multidisciplinary studio Curiosity, presenting the Seido capsule collection during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. 

The designer’s close ties to Japan – where he has moved, from France – provides the philosophical imprinting of this initial collaboration, which makes the concept of duality its source of inspiration in various forms, even becoming a basic contrast in the set-up of the furnishings inside an architectural volume immersed in nature. The collection itself is pervaded by the use of the color green, which materialized in unexpected material-formal interactions, and “through a delicate balance between serenity and stimulus, stillness and movement,” Nicolas points out.

Mille, Seido collection by Luxence Luxury Living, Design Gwenael Nicolas

In the Mille rocking chaise longue the proportion between full and empty zones is balanced by the use of materials with different expressive characteristics. The long series of slim legs accentuates an effect of continuous motion, while the graphic encounter between the fabric of the seat and the metal of the base generates forceful rigor in the piece.

The Volo lounge sofa has an impressive architectural structure, like a screen wrapped around an armchair. The laser-cut geometric pattern suggests the typical Arabian mashrabiyya, while movement is ensured by the unusual arrangement of angles.

The dialogue between transparency and matter sets the tone of Somma, the large dining table in wood with an extreme geometric form, crossed at the center by an opening in glass and supported by two central structures.

Finally, the Ardore suspension lamp has been envisioned as a constantly changing object. Around a central body, two luminous parts can open and close, changing the form as a consequence: a minimalist sculpture, or an extremely decorative object.

Luxence store, Via Durini 25-27, Milan, Italy

Volo, Seido collection by Luxence Luxury Living, Design Gwenael Nicolas