It is no small task to find forms with which to bring innovation to tradition. It takes the right compromise between the atmosphere of the past and contemporary taste, a balance between cultural heritage and the modern desire for experimentation. This is the challenge met by Villari, which becomes an ideal formula for the company to update its identity, without losing its distinctive characteristics and the charm that is always an earmark of its creations.

Cher by Villari

L’idea del bacio, Golden Age collection by Villari, Design CQS Studio

Kelly by Villari

Villari takes its place in the Italian history of porcelain, an age-old art which the company has interpreted in over 50 years of activity, through completely handmade workmanship and extremely daring processes, displaying truly unique artistic and technical ability.

Decorative objects, lamps, table services, accessories for the home and the bathroom, all the way to décor complements, demonstrate the expressive potential of porcelain, enhanced in the details by special oil-base coatings (using fir and lavender extracts) or painted by hand in pure gold and 18k platinum. The pure creativity of Cesare Villari – founder of the company together with his wife Silvia – who creates every prototype, is combined with reproductions of the famous porcelain of Capodimonte, and creations inspired by Italian Baroque style.

Cesare Villari

Villari, Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022

In a pathway of opening towards international markets, in constant touch with trends in contemporary interiors, Villari has sensed the potential for innovation in collaboration with a wide range of world-famous designers – 13 outstanding names, capable of bringing new energy to the company’s offerings thanks to their visionary ideas.

John Beckmann, Ciarmoli Queda Studio, Matteo Ceron, Debonademeo, Giulio Gianturco, Ferruccio Laviani, Marcantonio, Fabio Novembre, Emanuele Pangrazi, Ramz, Li-Jen Shih, Elena Trevisan, Elena Xausa are the creators of the Golden Age collection which includes decorative objects, accessories and complements, where porcelain is mixed with other materials like Murano glass, metal and leather. The fine craftsmanship of Villari precisely embodies the poetic fantasies of the designers, leading to surprising and even ironic results, in many cases with Pop accents.

$ABER TIG€R, Golden Age collection by Villari, Design Marcantonio

Le Grazie, Golden Age collection by Villari, Design Debonademeo

Nobody, Golden Age collection by Villari, Design Fabio Novembre

Hence there are prehistoric skulls ($ABER TIG€R by Marcantonio) and multicolored rhinos (Rhino by Li-Jen Shih); porcelain ingots that become coin banks (as in the Gold Bullion coin bank by John Beckmann), and video game imagery that becomes real as decoration, containing candles and incense (the Mino line by Ferruccio Laviani). Porcelain has never before seemed quite this original.

Mino, Golden Age collection, Design Ferruccio Laviani

Rhino, Golden Age collection by Villari, Design Li Jen Shih

Gold Bullion Coin Bank, Golden Age collection by Villari, Design John Beckmann