The story of an idea

Fifteen years ago Il Foglio Del Mobile was born. Over time, the paper has become more and more international. And today, in a world where the digital dimension has an ever-growing importance, it has morphed into a complex system that responds to a new concept of making information

Paolo Bleve, Publisher IFDM
Paolo Bleve, Publisher IFDM

At the start of 2007 I was 21 years old, and like many people my age my head was filled with dreams. One of them was to become a publisher. I had only superficial notions about this world, but I thought it was fascinating. During the previous year, I had visited the Salone del Mobile, the big event that is the talk of Milan. I was impressed by the energy, by the presence of people from so many different nations. Some very young, others in the midst of their careers. I was also struck by the immense production of brochures and catalogues. What was lacking was a magazine to narrate not just a single brand, but the Salone itself. That is the idea behind Il Foglio Del Mobile. 

As soon as I had time, I sat down in front of a computer and made some sample pages. I printed them on A3 paper, put them in order with a written presentation of my project, and set off for Brianza. All the doors were opened, for a young man full of enthusiasm. I met men and women who have written the history of this industry. And they were all encouraging. Soon this magazine was bringing visibility to the companies of Made in Italy, becoming an international reality, circulating on 28 different markets. The acronym IFDM was easier to remember. Which led to the current full name: Interior Furniture Design Magazine.

IFDM, 2007-2022
The evolution of IFDM, 2007-2022

One important phase came in 2020, with the creation of our Manifesto, with which the publication has approached the new decade by means of an ambitious and futuristic publishing project, an updated identity and a particular vocation, without disrupting the values and goals of our past, which had shaped our character since the beginning. In pursuit of a strategy that would allow us to explore novel paths, reaching farsighted objects as at the outset – for the publication and for the entire network – IFDM has reconfigured its editorial system with a vigorous shift towards online and digital channels. No longer seen as a supplement to printed information, but instead as the driving channel for expanded, fertile activities of information and – in parallel – enterprise.

Today, 15 years after that magical 2007, the publishing house has launched a new initiative, aimed at consolidating innovative editorial programming. A new approach to information that adapts to new media and channels, for increasingly well-informed and ‘socially networked’ consumers. An approach shaped around the potentialities offered by the digital age. IFDM and I have asked ourselves what it means to be innovative publishers today. And, even more in detail, what can be brought into this variegated panorama in terms of innovation. Therefore with greater specialization of contents, a more vertical structure, and the implementation of services to formulate an updated system that is also capable of perfectly carrying out the functions of the past, in a natural, seamless process.

I am pleased to announce Ruben’s appointment in such an important year for us. His brilliant career in journalism fits perfectly with the dynamism, effective performance and excellent international reputation of our organization, enhancing its value and authoritative role to guide IFDM into the future. This is an important, high-profile position, which will further reinforce our commitment to act as a professional and cultural reference point of information for the design community. Fifteen years have passed, but the enthusiasm of the young man who showed his ideas to the great exponents of the world of design remains the same.