In a world where digitalization is speeding straight ahead, data have become the true resource and wealth of our time. Fundamental for individuals, they becomes a true strategic asset for businesses, especially the small and medium enterprises which make up most of the Italian economy.

The European software house Syneto, through its research center and the use of the tool Amleto, has calculated an average loss of over 99,000 euros for small-medium enterprises (SME) if they lose access to their data for just six hours, namely the minimum time span required to restore operation in case of data loss for problems of a physical nature – such as a fire – or a logistical nature – such as a ransomware attack.

An impact that should not be underestimated, pointing to a growing need for cyber security. “Our dream is to democratize technology and to enable SMEs to compete on the same level as large corporations,” says Vadim Comanescu, CEO of Syneto.

Offering all the strong points of its big sister Hyper Series, Hyper Edge is the response to this urgent new necessity, and protects data from any type of attack. It is ideal for professional studios (architects, engineers, accountants, notaries, lawyers, designers), remote facilities, hotels, offices and retailers (chain stores, pharmacies, medical centers), companies that manage a limited number of virtual machines, do not have a server room and work with an expenditure budget no larger than 15,000 euros.

“To respond to such users we have set our best engineers to work,” Comanescu continues. “It was unthinkable to create a server-type technology, for reasons of space and noise. Hyper Edge is the smallest datacenter ‘in a box’, an IT revolution: all the power of a datacenter in the size of three smartphones, to provide a solution that never existed before. We are proud to have done this ourselves, as an Italian company and sole European hyperconvergence vendor with integrated disaster recovery.” 

All this is combined with Syneto’s partnership with the design company Lago, which has developed a very appealing box for Hyper Edge. Hyper Box by Lago conveys a dual message: defending company data is not just easier today… it is also beautiful!

Hyper Box by Syneto, Design Lago

Hyper Box by Lago