Le Ponant by Ponant - Photo © Nathalie Michel
Le Ponant by Ponant - Photo © Nathalie Michel

88 m long and 56 metre high
930 m2 of total surface area
1-to-1 guest to crew ratio
16 staterooms and suites
1212 m2 of total sail area
4 passenger decks
Up to 32 guests

The passion for sailing is a totally engaging experience, made of intense tones and slow rhythms that permit deep concentration and exploration. All this is offered by Le Ponant, the legendary three-masted ship recently renovated to add environmental protection to its list of virtues. Redesigned by Jean-Philippe Nuel to respond to the expectations of the clients in terms of comfort and service, the boat’s evolution has led to a qualitative update with reduction of the number of staterooms and the refurbishing of shared spaces, which are now larger and more convivial.

The idea was to create a modern, elegant vessel, in line with the general positioning of Ponant and with a philosophy of responsible tourism. A second life which thanks to the latest technological innovations aims to reduce harmful emissions by relying on non-motorized recreational activities, the use of connections in properly equipped ports, and periods of navigation utilizing only wind energy.

Furthermore: an innovative SRC filtering system eliminates fine particles and reduces emissions of nitrogen oxide; refuse disposal is at a level of 90% separation, and waste water is treated with the newest technologies. Plastic objects are banned on board, including beverage straws, laundry bags, cups or packaging, while the unavoidable plastic waste is entrusted to specialized companies for recycling and disposal, with total traceability.

The sustainable side has been carefully addressed by Nuel in technical terms, related to propulsion and treatment of water and refuse.

The décor features the greatest quantity possible of certified materials, while complying with fire safety parameters, which are very strict for ships open to the public. The interior design by Jean-Philippe Nuel – with forceful lines, high-quality materials and refined juxtapositions – exudes a sense of timeless elegance, especially in the community areas. The atmosphere offers a blend of purity and simplicity, thanks to the use of off-white, dove gray and caviar gray hues.

For the 16 cabins and suites (including an owner’s suite), for a maximum of 32 guests, the architect has put the accent on spaciousness and freedom, conveying the impression of being on one’s own private yacht. All three decks have large windows to offer relaxing, soft light that encourages calm and relaxation.

“Inside and outside, we have used lots of wood and fluid shapes, trying to create a type of convivial atmosphere capable of triggering a ‘crew’ spirit, as in the tradition of tall sailing ships,” Nuel explains. “The color range is organized around gray wood tones offset by a very dark navy blue. We were looking for a very soft but refined atmosphere. All the accessories have been made to measure, with leather covers to add softness and good looks.” Luxury on board is first of all a matter of emotions.