Bigfoot Capri by Protek
Bigfoot Capri by Protek

Confucius said, “I live in a small house but my windows look out on a very large world.” Almost 2000 years later, that infinite world manages to sneak in almost everywhere, even in the tightest spaces, thanks to technological systems and design that make it possible to use every surface, even the smallest. In the most advanced modules developed by Protek, in fact, doors and windows slide inside walls and totally disappear. Or entire pantries, shoe holders and closets emerge from the walls to create (new) dividers, while bookcases open and are transformed into true corners for study or work.

After all, the primary objective of the brothers Giovanni and Maurizio Maggioni, who in the 1980s took the helm of the machine shop of their father Rino, in the heart of Brianza, was precisely to design and produce counter frames with which to create innovative and futuristic solutions inside any living space. Today this 100% Italian company that combines industry and crafts makes innovation its reason for being, starting with the name: Protek stands for “products of technology.”

Linear+ Collection by Protek

One of the leading technologies is the Linear+ Collection system for sliding and hinged doors, which completely eliminates the use of jambs, doorposts and covers, inserting doors in the same color as the wall or making them into true décor complements, with colorful and decorative finishes.

Bigfoot Chianti by Protek

Bigfoot Chanel by Protek

Bigfoot Milano by Protek

Then comes the patented Bigfoot system, composed of a counter frame and a sliding module, to adapt to any part of the home, available all over the world in two versions: Architectural, to insert in the wall in the phase of design or renovation of the house; and Interior, which adapts with great flexibility to the furnishings and finishes already existing in the space. “The Bigfoot system literally transforms the space in which it is installed, making it dynamic and functional,” says Giovanni Maggioni, CEO of Protek.

Bigfoot Atene by Protek

Bigfoot Gio’ by Protek

One good demonstration is the recent Bigfoot Smartworking, created to respond to new needs associated with remote work. Outfitted with everything necessary to create a workstation, with a table-desk, filing systems, electrical sockets for computers or other devices, the set-up immediately vanishes when ‘office time’ is over.

In a state of continuing transformation to get the most out of every square meter, even a home of 40 square meters can seem like 100, becoming versatile and functional in every moment of the day. Always with the guarantee of design and style Made in Italy, of course.