Moooi by Crosby Studios: pixels get real

A pop-up installation inspired by video games transforms the Moooi space in New York into a showcase of nostalgia

Moooi Through the Eyes of Crosby Studios, New York
Moooi Through the Eyes of Crosby Studios, New York

A visionary artist, architect and designer, Harry Nuriev – founder of Crosby Studios, the atelier of ideas with 128k followers on Instagram – has been invited by the Dutch brand during the design week in New York to freely create an installation inside the flagship store in the NoMad zone. The result is a pop-up with eclectic flair, with a nostalgic image that envelops the furnishings: the pixels of video games.

“I have always designed furniture for my clients and my studio, but creating something for a company is quite different,” Nuriev explains. “I wanted to do something completely new, taking the brand outside its comfort zone, on the borderline between digital experience and the real world.” 

Moooi Through the Eyes of Crosby Studios – on view until September 2022 – evokes an authentic atmosphere of the past: the protagonists are velvet, the color magenta and a pixelated print covering the creations of the Moooi like a carpet, the Sofa So Good three-seat divan and footrest designed by Marcel Wanders, as well as 100 cushions piled up at the entrance to invite visitors to literally dive into an unusual, playful and ironic seating arrangement.

In reference to the origins of the technological sphere, when our computers worked with a very limited number of colors, the pop-up is directly based on the new Crosby Studios Video Game that will be officially launched at the end of the year: a low-tech game that enables users to rethink interior design, through the furnishings created by Harry Nuriev.

36 East 31st Street – New York
Pop-up by Crosby Studios