Hypertouch by Iris Ceramica Group
Hypertouch by Iris Ceramica Group

The idea behind Hypertouch, a new project of Iris Ceramica Group, is to combine innovation and design, making even the simple gesture of turning on a light in the home become smart and evocative. Hypertouch, in fact, is a ‘capacitive surface’ capable of transforming a gesture into an electrical signal (like the touchscreens of tablets and smartphones). Applied to a slab of ceramic material, the surface detects touch and pressure to activate lights, but also thermostat systems, audio and video equipment, locks and security devices.

Easy to install and requiring little maintenance, Hypertouch makes it possible to eliminate switch plates in the home, facilitating cleaning and giving spaces indubitable aesthetic advantages.

The new solution of Iris Ceramica Group makes use of an exclusive technology created by the Italian company. It can be installed on all the ceramic surfaces of the brands of the group having a thickness of up to 12 mm.

Hypertouch can be enhanced with sand blasting, screen printing and other types of workmanship, to indicate the area of activation, for example. It can also be outfitted with the control indicators supplied with the product: minimal and transparent icons that are easy to apply and to adapt to any colors or finishes.

The solution offers infinite possibilities for interior design. The key word, in this case, is freedom: to create, to think, to redesign interior spaces, combining the beauty of spaces with the everyday needs of their inhabitants in a way that was previously impossible. With Hypertouch, Iris Ceramica Group confirms its pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit that always focuses on innovation, offering clients a solution that projects ceramic surfaces into the future. 

The new technology can also be used on the eco-active Active Surfaces®, also produced by Iris Ceramica Group (patented and certified to meet ISO standards), with antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pollution, anti-odor and self-cleaning properties.