An exhibition that seems like a house

The quintessence of collectible design is narrated by Galerie Philia in New York, in a historic Manhattan townhouse. Until 16 June 2022, the space is transformed into a “collector’s estate” with sculptural furnishings, exclusive objects and luminous works

Galerie Philia, New York
Galerie Philia, New York

Lovers of art, literature and philosophy – in ancient Greek Philia means love, friendship, affinity – in 2015 two brothers opened a new type of gallery inspired by the Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle, with a transcultural vision in pursuit of beauty. An aesthetic narrated by unique and heterogeneous pieces, not following the logic of a style, but embodying timeless charm, as can be seen in the installation opened in New York, occupying an entire building.

Entering this historic townhouse (400 sqm on multiple levels) one has the sensation of being welcomed to the home of a collector, amidst refined furnishings, eclectic luminous artworks, organic shapes for furniture in the bedroom, the living area and the outdoor spaces. Welcome to Hometown, the exhibition curated by Alban Roger, Creative Director of Galerie Philia, in collaboration with Jorge Brown, where the works of acclaimed designers establish a dialogue with the creations of emerging talents, mostly commissioned precisely for this space.

“In Galerie Philia – Alban Roger explains – we always try to create engaging experiences, moments in which viewers can truly take the time to investigate and connect with our pieces.” Famous names (one will suffice: Rick Owens, the fashion stylist with an interesting design sideline) are joined by artists presented for the first time, such as Atelier Barda, Luke Malaney and Studio Lel.

“Hometown – Roger says – is a meeting point between the contemporary world of collecting and the antique charm of a historic house, renovated and decorated by the New York-based firm Residenza. To create the sensation of a mansion with a true ‘home feeling’, the fine, noble materials are combined with wood varieties and brass accents, the deep blue of the paintings of Flora Temnouche, the soft textures of the seating by Christina Z Antonio and Pietro Franceschini. An aesthetic language that is synonymous with warmth, intimacy and beauty.”

by Galerie Philia
483 West 22nd Street – New York
Fino al 16 giugno 2022

Photo © Evan Joseph, Maison Mouton Noir