Minotti opens its first flagship store in Cairo

The Meda-based company opens its 45th store, a new point of sale in the fascinating Egyptian metropolis, in partnership with the dealer Madar Home Signatures

Minotti Cairo showroom
Minotti Cairo showroom

Minotti opens its first flagship store in Cairo, in partnership with the experienced dealer Madar Home Signatures. The new space located in the eastern zone of New Cairo, inside the new business hub and shopping mall 5A by The Waterway Developments, which already contains a multibrand space with many Minotti products, is organized on a single level with sophisticated interior design honed down to the smallest details, combining the aesthetic and stylistic characteristics of the brand with those of the local context.

The interiors designed by Minotti Studio suggest welcoming, comfortable settings: at the center, the fireplace is a convivial hearth, the protagonist of Minotti spaces, surrounded by a refined tableau enhanced by vertical paneling in tobacco-color oak. The walls and ceilings are in white plaster, while the floor is in basalt, with accents of gunmetal satin finish.

The evocative spaces form a fluid sequence of living and dining areas, featuring bestsellers and iconic pieces from the Minotti collections, such as the Connery seating system by Rodolfo Dordoni, the Shelley chairs by GamFratesi, the Torii collection by the Japanese studio Nendo, the Linha table by Marcio Kogan/mk27, and the Seymour seating system, again by Dordoni.

“Minotti has worked by our side since we began our activity 20 years ago,” says Ahmed Farid, CEO of Madar Home Signatures. “After a long period of intense collaboration, today the opening of Minotti Cairo represents a natural evolution of our partnership. We are truly proud to welcome the first Minotti flagship store in Egypt.”