The value of design, explained by Ideal Standard

The importance of physical experience inside the point of sale, as well as the aesthetic and technical quality of the product. This is the challenge met by the company with Progetto Flagship, in collaboration with the studio Palomba Serafini Associati and Roberto Palomba

Progetto Flagship by Ideal Standard - Photo © Enrico Costantini, courtesy Ideal Standard
Progetto Flagship by Ideal Standard - Photo © Enrico Costantini, courtesy Ideal Standard

A strategy in progress, constantly growing, initiated by Ideal Standard in 2021 and continuing through 2022 and the years to follow. Firmly convinced of the force of a real customer experience inside exclusive spaces devoted to design, the company has identified and selected dealers with deep roots in the world of projects, establishing relationships of partnership. The company interacts in this approach with the studio Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Chief Design Officers of the group, overseeing the shared visual narrative of design values and sector trends.

Progetto Flagship, as the initiative is called, stems from the desire to present the Atelier Collections to the market, offering a direct experience of their technological and aesthetic content in locations set aside for interaction with architects and interior designers.

These professionals can find a series of differentiated and tailor-made solutions, aptly communicated in the concept formulated by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, in which clean but never banal spaces, unlike those of the company’s competitors, display the great variety of offerings created to respond to different needs in terms of design and sensorial impact, proportions, finishes, colors and technologies. Like the PVD finishes on mixers and accessories, for example, or the new ceramic mixture Diamatec®, together with the AquaBlade® flush system, enhanced with remarkable visual impact in displays based on contrasts and ton-sur-ton effects.

Settings of great architectural value that provide a unique customer journey, where the strong point is also the work performed in synergy with the client. Ideal Standard, in fact, takes part in all the phases of the project – measurements, design, implementation – and then continues to work alongside the partner with support during the activation of the space, providing training programs and events, along with opportunities for exclusive previews.

The flagships already opened include Habibath in Milan, Cantiere Galli Design in Rome, Annamaria Brindicci in Bari and Spazio 121 in Naples. Coming soon: De Masi in Rome. 

Photo © Enrico Costantini, courtesy Ideal Standard