Frametable by Alias, Design Alberto Meda
Frametable by Alias, Design Alberto Meda

Keeping faith with its own values, Alias, has made style and cutting-edge technology the strong points of its identity. For the outdoor collection 2022, the company transforms the bestselling Frametable by Alberto Meda, already an example of reduction of parts, eliminating the rigid attachment of the legs to the top in honeycomb aluminium.

Without altering the design identity and aesthetic image, the outdoor version makes use of a new system of flexible tops in extruded aluminium, once again in a perspective of subtraction. The fulcrum of the design is represented by the five extruded aluminium planks with a thickness reduced to a minimum and a cross-section that permits a completely invisible system of attachment to the legs. This increases the structural strength of the tabletop, improving drainage thanks to the gap between the planks attached to the load-bearing system in die-cast aluminium, while providing great aesthetic impact thanks to the matte coating in a range of colors.

Frametable by Alias,
Design Alberto Meda

Tech Wood by Alias, Design Alberto Meda

Also by Alberto Meda, Tech Wood is a series of seats with and without armrests, and of tables in different sizes (an evolution of the Setes bench, winner of the competition “Una panchina per Milano”), whose matrix stems from the tech outdoor collection in 2007. To obtain the new heat-treated ash finish, the wood is first completely dried and subjected to temperatures of about 200°, with final humidity of about 5%, taking on an intense brown color while ensuring optimal stability, making the material far more versatile and sustainable than teak.

The ergonomic design of the seating has been modified, boosting the width by 4 cm to respond to parameters of comfort for outdoor use; a new armrest in die-cast aluminium makes the models more elegant and coordinated with the other products of the family.

Paludis by Alias, Design Giandomenico Belotti

Finally, with Paludis, the classic straw chair evokes rural atmospheres while looking to the future with unexpected tactile and visual experiences. Based on the evolution of the concept of the Spaghetti Chair by Giandomenico Belotti, dated 1979, Paludis combines a minimal structure in painted or chrome-plated metal with a particular material selected for the weave of the seat and back: a special ‘straw’ made from woven recycled paper, available in a wide range of colors.