Calligaris Group: record-setting flagship store

Opened in Milan on Via Solferino, the group’s largest flagship store brings together the brands Calligaris, Ditre Italia and Luceplan. With interior design by the architect Marco Piva

Calligaris Group, Flaghsip Store, Milan
Calligaris Group, Flaghsip Store, Milan

Three distinct but complementary identities, existing in balance. This is the spirit of the new flagship store of Calligaris Group in Milan, an exceptional setting on the famous Via Solferino (at no. 21N03) for the three brands Calligaris, Ditre Italia and Luceplan, which in this location of open and flexible spaces demonstrate their ability to establish a harmonious dialogue in a contemporary language.

In the recently restored 19th-century “Cortile della Seta,” the new point of sale – opened with the partner Mo.1950 – contains a display area of 700 sqm on two levels, in which settings for living, dining, sleeping and playing create evocative tableaux, thanks to the wide range of offerings of the brands, joined by a lounge and a materials library on the ground floor, with operative offices and a screening room on the mezzanine.

Calligaris takes part with its iconic creations, and many new developments: like the models of the Abrey family for the dining room, or the Rod modular sofa. Ditre Italia focuses on comfort in the living area (just consider the Ada component sofa) and in the bedroom zone (with the iconic Bend bed). The lighting products of Luceplan survey the entire scene: Illan, Hope and Mesh, as well as the indispensable Costanza.

The objective of the interior design by Studio Marco Piva is to preserve the monumental character of the space, emphasizing the configuration of the various areas without altering the original layout. Large full-height windows unify the ground level and the mezzanine, prolonging the internal space into the external courtyard. Great care has gone into the chromatic rhythm – neutral tones on the gray scale – and the spatial rhythm – display zones alternate with areas for socializing and interaction. For an immersive experience boosted by the use of technology.

The shared feature of the space on the furnishings is a focus on sustainability, in line with the ‘Greenbow’ project launched last year by Calligaris Group. Many projects created for sustainability are on view inside the store, and the building that contains it now has LEED Gold certification.