Spine by Flos, Design Vincent Van Duysen - Photo © Tommaso Sartori
Spine by Flos, Design Vincent Van Duysen - Photo © Tommaso Sartori

A true product design case history combined with engineering prowess by Flos: Spine is a project by Vincent Van Duysen, a luminous body that suffices on its own, satisfying those who want an object that enables you to adjust the light at will.

The lamp has various possible uses: it began as an outdoor product, but it can easily fit into indoor spaces as well, with great aplomb. A versatile object, it thrives on domestic settings, but also major contract applications.

Spine is never a cumbersome presence, but when it is in operation it makes itself be seen and used: the flexible joint makes it very adjustable, and the three cylinders can coexist, or act as single protagonists. As a result, in spite of its small size it offers powerful lighting, with an essential look and exceptional high performance.

A mini-backbone (“spine”) capable of supporting the image of a work of architecture, indoors or outdoors. From the humble role of a simple spotlight to a leading theatrical presence, Spine conserves its origin of extreme rigor, showcasing a proven ability to design with light. Available in two sizes and six finishes, it is enhanced by a series of plug-ins to adjust the impact of the luminous beam and to vary its intensity.

Photo © Tommaso Sartori