Hang Out by Penta, Design BrogliatoTraverso
Hang Out by Penta, Design BrogliatoTraverso

Innovation inside tradition is a concept that indicates new expressive codes of exploration for Penta. The company keeps its original DNA intact, since 1975, combining rigor, strict control of quality and functionality, attention to detail, always in search of a timely and farsighted design gesture capable of generating new interactions between form and light.

In the Italian premium lighting design sector, the Brianza-based firm – a part, along with Castaldi and Arredoluce, of Gruppo Auralis, helmed by Andrea Citterio – has immediately stood out for the originality of its products, especially for the brilliant juxtapositions of materials and the important collaborations with outstanding designers

Reciprocal achievements, based on stimuli and discussion, such as those developed in the interaction with the studio BogliatoTraverso: a partnership that literally brings light to the vision of the brand, its deeply rooted culture of craftsmanship and its eclectic nature, as analyzed by the vivid creativity of an intellectually curious duo. The anecdote behind the development of Hang Out offers singular proof of all this: “Strolling in Venice and seeing a clothesline hung between two houses, with laundry drying in the breeze, we got the idea of designing a lamp” (BrogliatoTraverso).

The lighting system ­– in suspension and applique versions – matches the functional excellence of architectural lighting with the expressive impact of decorative lamps, without drifting into sculptural and ornamental temptations. The strong, theatrical personality of Hang Out, in fact, is summed up in a few essential elements: a straight line, a circle and an ellipse.

A horizontal bar suspended with very thin cables that seem to vanish in space unleashes diffused light; one or more circular panels, juxtaposed depending on the design, extend from the luminous body in all their geometric purity. These are the architectural details that reference the aesthetic of the Bauhaus, made in natural wood, painted in a wide range of colors or covered in sound-absorbing fabric.

The versatility and maximum personalization of Hang Out permit extraordinary compositional freedom and the possibility of inserting the lamp in spaces with different functions, in residential, office and contract projects.

“Light is something you cannot touch, but it can transform any type of setting,” the designers add. As we know, light overlaps, infiltrates and configures spaces and atmospheres with its virtual spread. With the effects triggered when it is turned on, Hang Out alters our perception of its own body, to get beyond the boundaries of times and styles, fulling complying with the design philosophy – and slogan – of its inventors: “No time no space.”