Air Hub Portable, 360° purity

Faber has created a mobile unit to place anywhere around the house, ensuring air quality in domestic spaces

Air Hub Portable by Faber
Air Hub Portable by Faber

Faber presents the new Air Hub Portable purifier, an innovative appliance designed to improve air quality in the home. A stand-alone object, it features clean design and advanced technology that combines sensors, four-stage filtering systems and hygiene, thanks to four UV-C lamps that eliminate viruses and bacteria up to 99.99%, without production of ozone.

The action of the UV-C lamps also guarantees constant sanitizing of the internal filter system. The device is capable of providing perfect filtering and elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and microparticles, removing all the main elements of indoor pollution. Air quality is constantly monitored, while the automatic function and night cycle offer a comfortable, discreet presence.

The focus on air quality in the home is a logical consequence of the longer periods of time we spend there: a change caused by the pandemic and the spread of smart working. Air Hub Portable requires no installation and can be transported into any space in the house. With this product the brand of the Franke Group – a worldwide leader in the production of exhaust hoods – moves beyond the traditional confines of the kitchen, offering an improved experience of wellbeing in the entire home.