The vital urge

Talking about creativity, even in difficult times, is not out of place. It is a form of resilience. A way to imagine, and to try to build, a better world

Resonating Microcosms of Life - Solidified Light Color” by teamLab - Photo © courtesy Maison&Objet 2022

These first days of March have been awfully cold in Europe. Seeing scenes of war nearby has been frightening, disrupting our idea of the modern world. Talking about design might seem out of place. But it is the job of the creative industries, the expression of a positive instinct, and in fact these industries have mobilized to help those in need: first in fashion, and then through important firms in the furniture sector.

This is also a moment of restart. Less than a week from today, a press conference will be held in Milan on the Salone del Mobile, the long awaited event slated for June. Paris is also back, at the end of the month, with two important happenings: the fair Maison&Objet, with a focus on everything involved in furniture and décor; and Paris Déco Off, an “off-fair” event full of colors, where textile firms active in the field of interior design present their collections. Both initiatives were supposed to happen in January, but were then postponed on this new schedule. Trade fairs are important because they represent an indispensable moment of contact and dialogue, leading to ideas with which to construct things and dreams.

Ruben Modigliani, Editor-in-chief, - photo © Paolo Riolzi
Ruben Modigliani, Editor-in-chief, – photo © Paolo Riolzi

Construct” really is the key word here. For all those who have chosen to work in the world of design (because it is indeed a choice), construction is fundamental. An object, a piece of furniture, a work of architecture, an image: we construct. It is our job, and our passion. Listening to this passion, also in dark times, is a gesture of resilience. A vital urge, full of faith in the future. Following the path of creativity to invent a better world.