Ferretti Yachts 1000 by Ferretti Yachts
Ferretti Yachts 1000 by Ferretti Yachts

Getting on board the Ferretti Yachts 1000 is like a homecoming. The much-admired Ferretti Yachts flagship, a star of boat shows starting in Venice in June 2021, then Cannes in September and Fort Lauderdale in November, conveyed the same sensation to all: fluid spaces, remarkable onboard comfort, all in a sporty vessel. Its design team represents the best of Made in Italy in the world: the Product Strategy Committee of Ferretti Group, headed by Piero Ferrari, the Engineering Division, together with the architect Filippo Salvetti for the external lines, and the studio IdeaeItalia for the interiors.

The design team has revised the spaces, starting from the needs of the owner. “Yachtsmen do not use a boat only as a means of transport. It is a place to live, an environment that contains everything you love best in life,” says Stefano De Vivo, CCO of Ferretti Group. And the concept of onboard flow, introduced on large yachts starting with Ferretti Yachts 1000, begins precisely with the 40 sqm of livable space of the platform.

The external route extends from the wellness area at the stern in contact with the water, featuring a large sofa facing the sea, together with a cockpit to form a large area for socializing; to lateral staircases lead to the flybridge of 55 sqm (with a second wheelhouse), connected to the convivial area at the bow.

The sporty profile of the yacht conceals its ‘wide-body’ character: the design is composed of three simple lines and lots of glass, at the stern and the center, underlining the stylistic approach. “A wide-body yacht has ample internal volumes that have to be perfectly balanced and proportioned to obtain sporty, dynamic lines,” says the yacht designer Filippo Salvetti. “We have worked on contrasts of light and dark hues, which play a fundamental role on the surfaces.”

The interiors are luminous and in constant visual contact with the outside world. Elegant, functional and welcoming, they have been designed by IdeaeItalia. The first unit opts for a Classic configuration marked by soft, harmonious tones and slight contrasts, but a Contemporary style will also be available, with fresher tones and vivid hues.

“The initial brief was to offer the yachtsman and his family the sensation of living in an intimate, familiar place,” say Davide Bernardini and Alessio Battistini, co-founders of Ideaeitalia, “with special care for the functional performance and the storage spaces.”

The objects and the historical period taken as references are those of classic Italian architecture, with all of its tradition and variety, and the design of furniture in the 1950s and 1960s. The spaces stand out for the alternation of pale colors and warm tones, aided by the use of walnut in a sunburst version for the furniture, lined and more subtle for the walls, grosgrain for the details. The lighting design is also intriguing, with the use of round spotlights that bring out details while creating enveloping atmospheres.

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The selected freestanding furnishings by Minotti boost the prestige and accentuate the theme of Italian identity: like the Alexander sofa, served by a Side table and the Tape chair in the large, luminous living area. Minotti has also supplied the green chair in the master cabin, at the forward part of the main deck (the 4 double guest cabins are on the lower deck).

Magda chairs by Cattelan Italia are placed by the dining table in the living zone near the kitchen, which with its 10 square meters and appliances of all kinds, including a refrigerator of over 500 liters, is worthy of a prize-winning restaurant. Outdoors, the furnishings by Roda confirm the focus on the Italian flag, which flies above this boat that travels safely, at cruising speed of 24 knots.