The taste of lightness

Slender and light, the Spokes suspension lamp by Foscarini defines the space of the well-known Lebanese restaurant Mon Liban in Lyon

Mon Liban, Lyon, France

In the city of Lyon, France, it has been a true culinary institution for over 20 years. The Lebanese restaurant Mon Liban, updated by interior designer Bastien Jovelet of the studio Nouvel Angle, now welcomes customers with a warmer, more appealing personality. In the dining room, the designer has formulated a new contemporary, sophisticated convivial atmosphere, made of many references to the east and an elegant mixture of modern and traditional decorative elements. The kitchen is visible, the large array of wines is on display, with glass walls and a modern bar.

The fundamental role of light has been entrusted to the Spokes series of suspension lamps by Foscarini, scattered throughout the space and combining four of the six versions currently in production. The lightness of the lamp designed by García & Cumini emphasizes the architecture of the venue in wood, as well as the deep hues and the design furnishings. Formed by thin metal rods that determine its shape – oblong, spherical, rounded, pressed – Spokes creates an evocative game of space and solids, together with a game of light and shadows projected on the walls and ceiling.

The LED light sources concealed inside the structure provide intense lighting, both downward and upward. An innovative solution makes the electrical cables invisible, enhancing the pure, graphic essence of the lamps, “like the overturned hull of a boat – the designers explain – containing a group of luminous jellyfish inside it.”