Martinelli Luce rewards enlightening ideas

Martinelli Luce, Colibrì

Martinelli Luce, the historic lighting manufacturer (whose best-known products are the Pipistrello lamp designed in 1965 by Gae Aulenti, and the Cobra model by Elio Martinelli, from 1968), has launched the Martinelli Luce Lighting Contest on the Desall platform. Until 28 April, designers and creative talents from around the world (minimum age 18) can submit their projects for a suspension lamp for living areas.

As indicated in the guidelines, the idea should respond to criteria of minimalism, dynamism, modular design, serial production, geometric forms and reference to the natural world, all with a sustainable approach.

Martinelli Luce, Colibrì

The winner will be announced prior to the end of June 2022. First prize: 2,000 euros (advance on royalties) plus royalties in case the model goes into production. Furthermore, the sponsor offers an additional possibility for all participants, setting a bonus of 2,000 euros (advance) plus royalties for acquisition of the license to manufacture and market other projects not selected as winners.

For more info, log into the site and read the contest agreement from the upload page.