Arper appoints a new CEO

From IKEA to Arper, Roberto Monti takes the helm of the company based in Treviso

Roberto Monti

“Inside Arper we will work to construct an international business strategy over the medium-long term that takes its cue and its strength from the project of ‘designing the world we live in,’ focusing on the people who live in its spaces, their needs, the changes in progress, with the goal of including sustainability as an integral part of our path.”
The line of progress already indicated by Roberto Monti, a Swedish manager with a multicultural background, in his new role at the helm of Arper, is clear, pioneering and projected towards a sustainable, innovative future.
After having become part of the Advisory Board of the group in 2021, from 24 January 2022 he has been appointed as its CEO.

His strategic vision is based on the experience he has gained with IKEA, where from 1990 to 2017 he held various positions of constantly growing leadership: from CEO & Country Manager of IKEA Italia to President of IKEA South East Europe, then becoming President of IKEA Concept, where he guided the development of the Brand Concept and its implementation in retail stores all over the world.

He also takes a direct part in corporate and non-profit organizations: he is a member of the Board of Directors of ITAB Group, of AIDAF – Associazione Italiana Imprese Familiari, and he is the founding director of the program “Respect & Dialogue,” an initiative to nurture an active interchange for the achievement of the sustainable growth objectives of the United Nations.