There’s a new must-visit destination for trying innovative drinks in Hong Kong: Argo, the spectacular cocktail bar designed by AB Concept for the Four Seasons Hotel. It’s a retreat from the city into one of the world’s busiest metropolises, an Eden inspired by a traditional conservatory, with sweeping architectural curves and a palette that includes rich textures, floral patterns and sophisticated finishes.

As guests walk towards the bar of the main hall, they are greeted by a wooden wall inlaid with an intricately decorated floral motif. AB Concept conceived a luxurious, flexible environment in the space that will serve as a hotel from morning to night.

“Our vision for Argo was to create a new destination bar that suits the vibrant scene in the city and does justice to the stunning Victoria Harbour views while also striking a balance between function and aesthetics,” says Ed Ng, AB Concept’s co-founder. “Our design concept was inspired by a conservatory and we wanted this to be conveyed in many of the thoughtful details throughout the bar, from the use of mirrors to reflect the incredible views and give an immense sense of light and depth to the space to the array of critters framed on the wall by artist Raku Inoue.”

As Ed Ng said, AB Concept worked with Raku Inoue, a Japanese multidisciplinary artist based in Canada who experiments with organic materials such as flowers, leaves and stems to create new works of art. Inoue created a series of insects such as butterflies and beetles using paper and leaves that are framed throughout the space and create the impression of a magical conservatory.

A circular bar wraps around a column structure, once considered an obstruction to the view, now masterfully highlighted and clad with over 136 cylinders, 72 of which revolve to reveal bottles stored within. 

This intimate, dreamy setting has sitting areas in semi-closed areas defined by partitions with a see-through effect to not block the breathtaking view. Nothing is left to chance, with the furniture entirely designed by the designer duo and made to measure especially for Argo, including the tables with plant designs which further accentuate the exotic atmosphere.