The choice of a chair is dictated by personal tastes and décor needs, but the details are always what makes the difference. The Sofia chair, the little queen of the upholstered pieces by Riflessi, invites you to relax, but also contributes to the character of any setting, thanks to its decorative approach that emerges in unconventional prints – this time in a limited edition – to cover the satin back in the elegant version with armrests. Three prints that pay ‘tribute’ to Milan, Rome and Naples, geographical settings related to Made in Italy, figurative expedients that intervene on a formal level, to identify and differentiate the three chairs.

Sofia by Riflessi

As if observed from a satellite, the maps of the most representative areas of the three Italian cities have been photographed and reworked to be placed on the backs of the chairs.

The absolute protagonists of the graphic depictions – a Riflessi exclusive – are the colors, which suggest the distinctive hues of each city, penetrating the yarns through a delicate process to guarantee durability and high image quality on the fabric.

The vivid camouflage patterns are combined with monochrome covering in Amalfi velvet for the inner part of the seat, and with different finishes for the metal base: elegant graphite for Milan, lively cobalt blue for Naples, classic brass for Rome. The result is an interesting ton sur ton effect.

Sofia by Riflessi

Milan, Naples or Rome: to embody a geographical preference, to enliven a minimal décor or to attenuate a look of severity, to match the eccentric mood of an eclectic style, to “break the rules” with a furnishing element that is not just a functional object but also an artistic accessory. In any case, a choice that does not disturb the balanced, elegant aplomb of Sofia, whose compact size continues to make the model extremely versatile, ready for insertion in any space of the home.