Sapiens. Not such a bad definition for a pathway of experimentation, experience, sensitivity. The path taken by minotticucine in the design of increasingly advanced, sophisticated creations, pointing to a clear stylistic evolution in a new ‘metal age.’ An achievement that stems from the elimination of the superfluous in favor of the central role of the individual, reached through extreme aesthetic minimalism as an enhancement of spirituality. An ‘emptiness’ that is not absence, but reflection and inner growth.

These are the fundamentals of Maya Oro, one of the historic models created by minotticucine on which 24K gold has been applied for the first time. A finish utilized for the doors, obtained through a particular galvanizing process and juxtaposed with stone in green-blue tones, part of the original design. The effect is powerful, not just in terms of form but also in technical aspects, thanks to the reduced thickness developed for the opening of the doors, without any handles or grooves, and with an overhang of just 7 millimeters from the counter above. A door border of just 3 mm gravitates around the kitchen, becoming functional for the opening of the modules, which can alternate hanging bases, floor-mounted bases and low cabinets.

Maya Oro by minotticucine, Design Alberto Minotti

Maya Oro by minotticucine

Hanami Fibonacci by minotticucine, Design Alberto Minotti

Hanami Fibonacci by minotticucine

At the recent Fuorisalone 2021 in Milan it was accompanied by the Hanami Fibonacci composition with cool finishes and essential surfaces, where brass is maximized for its expressive impact. This evocative alloy made of copper and zinc has been used for the counter, the sink welded inside it and the shelves, positioned in a numerical sequence discovered by the mathematician for which the product is named, coupled with the more Japanese touch of the handle, which makes the protruding elements necessary and not simply decorative. The fossil wood, salvaged and crafted, completes the theatrical impact. 

Finally, there is the forerunner of everything. Terra Bronzo, a sculptural masterpiece by Claudio Silvestrin, entirely made in cast bronze, which required great technical ability to bring lightness to a material that is extremely heavy by nature. Without overlooking the hygiene requirements of a kitchen, addressed by using plates identical to those deployed for the industrial production of pasta.

Terra Bronzo by minotticucine, Design Claudio Silvestrin

Terra Bronzo by minotticucine, Design Claudio Silvestrin