In praise of aesthetics

Marsotto and Green Wise, together with Marbelous Fall: an artistic interchange that touches the soul with an unprecedented formula and spirit

Indispensable for those passing through Brera, not to be missed for anyone who’s in Milan: the tableaux Green Wise and Marsotto have installed in their respective showrooms are of the kind one doesn’t expect, an injection of beauty and peace, ideas and thoughts.

In the ethereal, silent, almost lunar space of Marsotto at Largo Treves, precisely from the hard, impenetrable substance of marble, nature comes to life thanks to Green Wise, with an installation that is a tribute to autumn. Green Wise is a native Japanese project that conveys the differential of concrete respect for nature typical of Japan, inventing a green landscape – large or small – also in indoor settings, extending the life of plants almost to infinity, by assigning them a formal and aesthetic value even when their life cycle has (only apparently) come to an end.

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Gli arredi e i complementi di Marsotto, azienda che ha sempre scelto con attenzione i propri designer (Nendo, James Irvine, Naoto Fukusawa, Jasper Morrison e Konstantin Grcic solo per citarne alcuni), ricevono dagli spettacolari (ma anche minimal se serve) 

The furnishings and complements of Marsotto, a company that has always chosen its designers with great care (Nendo, James Irvine, Naoto Fukusawa, Jasper Morrison and Konstantin Grcic, just to name a few), welcome the spectacular (but also minimal, where needed) grafts of Green Wise, with an ulterior invitation to the lofty peaks of beauty: a complement inside a complement, a daring (but only on the surface, perhaps) match-up that adds value to two realities that have decided to travel a stretch of the road together.
Marble and greenery – the matrix is the same.

Greenwise showroom

Crossing the street, after a few meters along Via Palermo we find the mannerly, religious space of Green Wise, a company that has a special relationship with Italy. They opened their first showroom in Milan in 2019, offering local plants grown without the use of pesticides, without any industrial intervention, in an approach they rightfully call Slow Green.
The Green Wise showroom returns the favor to Marsotto, hosting a number of complements combined with their plants: the entry of marble into the Green Wise world does not alter the perception of the place, which remains intact for the eyes and the heart…
Marbelous Fall: the marriage has been a success from the first day forth, generating a collection to watch, to breathe, and to remember.