La Grangette: the marriage of nature and design

In the Milan showroom of Signature Kitchen Suite, presentation of La Grangette, a refined indoor vegetable garden that combines technology and greenery. With the touch of Pininfarina

The project of La Grangette is entirely Made in France, from the family in Avignon that has conceived of it and organized it, to Pininfarina (though through the studio’s Head of Experience and Product Design, the Frenchman Xavier Blanc Baudriller), which has designed and engineered the project.

The result is an object that goes beyond objects, a sanctuary of nature to welcome into indoor settings, in the home or for contract applications. La Grangette is not an aesthetic whim, not a metaphor of sustainability. It is a technological construction for many people, but not for all (it costs 24,000 euros), making a green product available to high-end premium private clients, but also for the world of 5-star hospitality. It can also work perfectly in the shared areas of a modern corporate headquarters.

La Grangette. Ph © Eric Mercier

The “stories” that gravitate around La Grangette speak of childhood, Provence, artificial intelligence, and then comes design, which in this case is totally at the service of a useful purpose, no frills, as per Pininfarina.
As Baudriller comments, “La Grangette represents an expression of our values: from the approach to technology to the combination between tangible and intangible, to achieve interaction.”

La Grangette. Ph © Eric Mercier
La Grangette. Ph © Eric Mercier

In the pathway of serious commitment to nature and sustainability which SKS Signature Kitchen Suite has courageously followed since the opening in 2020, the pairing with La Grangette corresponds to the (organic) icing on the cake, confirming the attitude of the Korean brand of making no compromises, no alliances that are not perfectly in line with the corporate strategy and spirit.

The collection of salad ingredients, aromatic herbs and healthy greens offered by La Grangette grows in an automated system that consumes 90% less water than traditional cultivation. Artificial intelligence, in this system where extremes attract each other and tradition is wed to technology, controls and regulates everything through a refined dedicated app that guides users, from seeding to harvest.