Inspired by the works of great masters Ricardo Bofill and Luis Barragan, Sonora Art Village is just a concept, a piece of art where every house is like a sculpture, where emotions explode.

“We’ve been working very hard this year. Sitting in self-isolation, surrounded by four walls, it occurred to us to create a whole village from houses like Sonora House. We wanted to create a place where people can come and feel for a while in a completely different place, far from the grey reality, to feel in some bright 3D space, or even a cartoon.  It’s a place free from prejudice. There’s no place for racism, sexism, humiliation. We tried to create a completely different atmosphere that would exude joy, love, happiness”.

“In Sonora Art Village there is no clear system, the houses are located chaotically, each house has its own colorful path. With regard to geometry, we began to use semicircular arches, passageways, small overhanging volumes. Some houses are higher, some are lower, so the village has a lot of small stairs, which makes it feel like you’re going up and down in a game like Super Mario. The houses which are located on the slope have their own swimming pools and also have one large pool for common use. In the aisles between some houses there are flowerbeds with large vegetation. It’s kind of an oasis, but still with cacti. Big cactuses. We love cactuses. At night, this place turns into a light installation and the sky is painted in different colors”.

Photo credits © Lemeal Studio