Simple mouse movements and all the creativity one might desire. This is the basic recipe suggested by Lodes to create personalized suspension lamps. The Veneto-based company has launched a new product configurator online at their website, providing a wide range of action to easily create personalized arrangements with Lodes canopies.

Not only architects and interior designers can rapidly visualize projects for their clients – even private consumers now have a chance to try out ideas, immediately seeing their results. The system has evolved since the one presented in 2015 to bring products closer to users; the perfected version provides precise, immediate renderings and creative solutions. The virtual steps along the way are fluid and intuitive, smoothly adapting to the desires of all customers.

Just select a suspension lamp from the Lodes or Diesel Living with Lodes collections, combine it with a canopy solution and create a composition based on the size of the available spaces, choosing the finish of the lamp and adapting the height of the composition and the length of the cables, and the project is done. The result can be downloaded, together with the product codes of the items selected, or it can be saved for another session, enabling the user to make further modifications.

Lodes confirms its innovative design approach in the field of high-quality decorative lighting, thanks to a tool that gives form to the sought-after concept of standard bespoke, leading to the creation of unique designs. Furthermore, the new product configurator brings out all the creative and practical potential of the Lodes canopies.

A-Tube Nano by Lodes, Design Studio Italia Design

A-Tube Nano by Lodes,
Design Studio Italia Design

Jefferson by Lodes, Design Luca Nichetto

Jefferson by Lodes,
Design Luca Nichetto

JIM by Lodes, Design Patrick Norguet

JIM by Lodes,
Design Patrick Norguet

Random by Lodes, Design Chia–Ying Lee

Random by Lodes,
Design Chia–Ying Lee

The range of individual canopies is ideal to enhance the corner of a room or specific light sources, and it can be applied to create countless personalized combinations on high ceilings or in spaces that do not permit the grouping of lights in clusters. The track systems, on the other hand, provide various possibilities for linear composition of suspension lamps, with a variable number of lamps in keeping with the type of installation desired, with aligned or staggered heights. For a solution of high impact, multiple canopies – round or rectangular – generate suspended compositions with a variable but preset number of holes.

As an alternative, the radial systems represent an innovative way to separately manage suspension cables starting from a single light source, making them particularly useful for the lighting of spaces with irregular ceilings. They are highly functional and can all be installed in any part of the room, independent of the power source. Massimiliano TosettoGeneral Director, explains: “In Lodes we believe that the personalization of lighting in living spaces should be simple, affordable and effective. With the new product configurator, we are bringing the market a tool that is easy to use, immediate and functional, capable of offering an instant visualization of all compositions.”