Inspired by the art of Donald Judd, the American artist always associated with Minimalism,  Victor Vasilev has created a versatile, modular system for Falper Minimum, offering personalization and containing wall-mounted washstands, self-supporting shelves and cabinets, available in different sizes and compositions.
“The collection begins with the analysis of the dimensioning of the functional elements, but it also pays close attention to the compositions, which have to bring out the presence of these objects in the space,” the designer explains.

Marble, wood, Cementobasic® and Cristalplant Biobased Active are the materials carefully selected to enhance the collection’s pure forms, while offering maximum personalization. Minimum embraces the Living Bathroom philosophy, which calls for a fluid space like an imaginary extension of the living area, where functional and aesthetic quality meet.

Falper Minumum by Victor Vasilev

Photo credits © Alberto Strada