Cluster Apartamento

Giorgia Cerulli | Contemporary Cluster, Palazzo Brancaccio, Rome

Cluster Apartamento, Rome - Photo © Serena Eller
Cluster Apartamento, Rome - Photo © Serena Eller

Cluster Apartamento is part of the new Contemporary Cluster project at Palazzo Brancaccio (opened in Rome on September 23rd, 2021), where the domestic dimension of living is experimented and explored. On the sixth floor of the noble palace, seven rooms of the 500mq apartment interpret a timeless journey studied and selected by Architect Giorgia Cerulli, co-founder and head of design of Contemporary Cluster.

The space becomes an opportunity to reflect on the practice of living and to put into practice new settings, always characterized by the combinations of styles, in which historical design and contemporary brands coexist and create perfect harmony. The project originated from the idea of expressing the pleasure of physically crossing the different rooms of a house, through a choral story of the historical and contemporary design collections that enhance the space while creating great combinations thanks to the balance that is established between the two periods registers. Thanks to the historical and contemporary design partners in the field, the contamination of original elements such as floor cement tiles, stone fireplaces and elegant cast iron radiators are combined with historical and modern design series on both sides, managing to enhance and exalt the space of the Apartamento through meticulous research on materials to ensure high-quality products.

All the rooms are characterized by precious wall colors, thanks to the collaboration with the company of Sabina Guidotti Bludiprussia, and each room is a scene of different tastes, shapes, colors and applied art. They are furnished rooms, ready to be inhabited by the viewer who, room after room, is immersed in a different and unique scenario.

Companies such as Ceramiche Rometti, Mobili nella Valle, Paradisoterrestre and Poltronova are side by side by contemporary brands such as A&B Living, Diaphan Studio, Di.loer Ceramics, Draga & Aurel, Forma&Cemento, GI Studio, Mentemano, Medulum, Nortstudio, Studio Nucleo, Ocra Studio, Rampinelli Edizioni, Testatonda, Oscar Piccolo and Tipstudio.

Contemporary Cluster, the space dedicated to interdisciplinarity and the pollination between art, architecture, photography, design, visual art, sound design, fashion design,  and led by Giacomo Guidi, artistic director and curator of contemporary art, and by Giorgia Cerulli, architect and curator of the historical design and applied arts sector, has opened its new headquarters in Palazzo Brancaccio, a noble palace built in the late nineteenth century and immersed in the greenery of the Esquilino district.

Via Merulana 248, Roma, Tuesday – Saturday 11.00-20.00

Photo © Serena Eller