A game of full and empty zones

Raffaella Mangiarotti has designed the Palù set for Pianca, a bedside unit and stool that convey a sense of discretion, lightness and functional quality

Cane-brakes with their linear play of full and empty zones and great sense of harmony have inspired Raffaella Mangiarotti in the design of Palù for Pianca. “A good object should be functional and light. I am interested in objects that move across time, that accompany us in a discreet way, and know how to last,” the designer says.

Pianca, Palu design Raffaella Mangiarotti
PIANCA, Palu design Raffaella Mangiarotti_Embrace

The two micro-architectures are based on a sequence of wooden rods that wrap the seats, curving at the sides. The structure, like the tops, is in natural oak, borgogna and Canaletto walnut. The round drawer of the beside unit is in regenerated cowhide (in the colors Hermes, dark brown and black), and offers a second level when rotated. The bench has a padded seat, available in fabric, leather or eco-leather, with a lower surface in Vienna straw.

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