For several years now Caccaro has taken the path of a more complex design approach, demonstrating a forceful focus on technical innovation, combined with painstaking workmanship. After the revolutionary Freedhome® system, the company has designed and engineered Wallover®, a system of vertical and horizontal cabinets for free arrangement on the wall, transformed into a true architectural feature capable of adding rhythm and proportion to spaces. This design concept has been developed by Monica Graffeo, the new art director of Caccaro, with extreme rigor and clean lines, including personalized hardware, well-gauged thicknesses, and the modern technologies of Industry 4.0 to make the finishes of Freedhome® and Wallover® totally compatible.

The designer explains: “The project stems for observation of works of contemporary sculpture, in relation to the spaces in which they are displayed. From this stimulus, I thought about a very clean system of cabinets that can be made to measure and combined with a series of open storage units. The latter rely on dividers arranged in keeping with different rhythms that work well together. The aim is to create compositions that bring walls alive like paintings, thanks to the tension of the proportions, the rhythm, the sensory impact of the materials and the light that can be applied to the volumes.”


From the living area to the bedroom zone, the elements of Wallover® are shaped perfectly to vertical surfaces, generating infinite configurations. Double-face full-height pillars – also at the center of the room – accessorized walls with television sets, solutions that reinterpret the concept of the traditional cupboard, bookcases, storage units, compositions for the entrance. Every single project can be personalized thanks to the wide range of internal equipment, depending on the function and the space of insertion, with a particular accent on the lighting of modules and backs.

Caccaro living

Many new finishes are now available, which bring out the value of the materials: along with lamés and lacquers, glass and the wood varieties of the Freedome® palette, the Kera family of finishes Kera links back to the natural allure of stone, on a visual and a tactile level, while Oxid plays with metallic reflections. The evolution of Caccaro continues, developing innovative design systems, avoiding passing fashions while making it possible to dress the home in a tailor-made garment, without compromising on practicality and functional quality.