Infinity and beyond

Architecture and engineering at the service of Pianeta, an interior capsule stemming for the collaboration between Elli&Rini and Giovanni Dudan

When technology meets design, it produces a new interior episode in the wake of projects connected to privacy and relaxation in the workplace.
This is no mere exercise in style. Federica Foiadelli and Sergio Vaccarini – creators of the Milan-based atelier Elli&Rini – and the architect Giovanni Dudan have invented a spatial egg (as they define it), that is lush on the inside, beautiful on the outside. It’s called Pianeta and it sums up all the key words one might expect to find in such an object: aesthetics, health, sustainability, acoustics, digital devices, privacy, keep calm & have a rest.

Sergio Vaccarini and Federica Foiadelli

Pianeta, due to its form, its size (2.5 sqm) and its decorative characteristics, can exist in any context, from homes to hotels, shops to offices.
Pianeta made its debut for the occasion of the recent Milan Design Week, at the historic Milanese restaurant Boeucc, and immediately someone wanted a specimen for their own offices: namely the law firm Trevisan & Cuonzo.

Pianeta, Elli&Rini & Giovanni Dudan
Pianeta, Elli&Rini & Giovanni Dudan

Cold (but indispensable) technology is combined with the warmth of fine craftsmanship and materials: wood, leather and fabrics, for a very harmonious composition that transforms Pianeta into a sort of monolith of the third millennium, a metaphorical reminder of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
One doesn’t enter, but plunges into Pianeta, in total safety because the unit comes with its own sanitization system.

Pianeta, Elli&Rini & Giovanni Dudan
Pianeta, Elli&Rini & Giovanni Dudan

Pianeta is the latest creation in the field of digital living, a trend that is territory up for grabs at all latitudes, a movement that incessantly advances. The mixture of form and useful purpose will be its true pathway of development.