A brand that is also a patented material, created by the company itself. The story of Lapitec is an ode to innovation and research, but also to the perseverance of its founder, Cavalier Marcello Toncelli: it took ten years of testing and scientific studies, but in 1999 the first slab of Lapitec® was made, a 100% natural full-body mineral-based material, and the world’s only certified sintered stone. 25 patents bear witness to its unique qualities, and the 70 countries where it is distributed are proof of its wide range of application, adaptability and functional quality. The technical characteristics make this material (totally Made in Italy) ideal for many different design fields – from facings to floorings, spas to swimming pools, kitchen counters, yachts and bathrooms.

With an image based on marble, Lapitec® brings higher performance: thanks to its replicability, it offers constant perfection. It is more compact and uniform, and requires only simple maintenance. Extremely strong, it does not allow stains to penetrate its surface, and it stands up admirably to scratching.

Furthermore, this is a completely ecological material, not just in terms of its composition (it comes from a process of compacting where the mineral grains are bonded together without the use of resins), but also due to its production process, as well as the processing and transformation to make a finished product. Indoors or outdoors, its expressive impact is revealed to sight and touch, in perfect tune with the environment – natural or interior – that surrounds it.

Simplicity in the kitchen

Among the many fields of application, Lapitec responds to a vast range of needs in the kitchen, for worktops, backsplashes, cabinets, drawers, sides and all kitchen surfaces (also outdoors), built-in sinks or professional restaurant equipment. It stands out for its intrinsic qualities: resistance to high temperatures, lack of absorption for great durability, minimum maintenance and very high levels of hygiene. 

For all these reasons, the material has been assigned the NSF/ANSI Std. 51 FOOD ZONE trademark.

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Thin architectural cladding

From the product to the project: Lapitec expands its versatility in the field of architecture, creating structural frames that combine aesthetic elegance with a variety of finishes that defy the force of time. Lapitec® is the ideal material for the external cladding of buildings, for façades, floors and pavements, or roofing. In particular, the 12mm thickness is perfect for ventilated façades with mechanical attachment; likewise, the availability of large slabs in the format 3365×1500 mm permits reduction of joints to a minimum. In the summer months, the façades in pale tones of Lapitec® are ready to lower temperatures, while in the winter the material’s total lack of absorption protects the insulation below from dampness.

In contact with water

Wellness finds an ideal ally in Lapitec®, which fits perfectly into many contexts such as spas, outdoor areas and swimming pools (also immersed in the water). Completely non-absorbent, the sintered stone resists UV rays – as well as all temperatures, even with drastic changes and salt spray – and cannot be altered by chlorine. It is possible to make cuts, millings or incisions to insert nozzles and underwater lighting fixtures, and to make borders or steps. In this application area, the Essenza collection stands out with its 11 hues, inspired by the colors of the earth. For total insertion in outdoor contexts.

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