Not architectural lighting, not technical lighting. The field of application is interiors, at 360 degrees, where the functional quality never neglects the decorative impact. This is the versatile identity of Euroluce Light of Italy and its young trademark Twenty Brand Design, whose creations are inserted in projects to completely adapt to architecture. Lighting enters space, defining theatrical settings, giving form and dynamism to volumes, wrapping objects in a vivid atmosphere. The result stems from design research aimed at maximum personalization, versatile collections and constant innovation.

Gocce by Twenty brand design

Gocce by Twenty Brand Design

Along this path – a history that began 20 years ago and still continues with the fixed points of fine materials, manufacturing know-how and emotional design – the latest creations take their place perfectly, including Gocce, a cascade of light with a peerless theatrical effect, especially in the larger sizes – from Gocce 60 with 24 LED spots, to Gocce Ellipse with 61 spots and Gocce Linear with 80 LED spots and a length of 370 cm. Gocce pendants in Murano glass (transparent, teal or frosted transparent) stand out in space with lightness and apparent movement, thanks to compositions that vary the number of parts, play with heights and even create spectacles of light through the built-in Casambi system (by request), which permits remote control of lighting and movement via Bluetooth. Euroluce has already created a completely customized system, not just in terms of sizing but also in terms of lighting potential (subjective lighting management) and interaction with the luminous object (light gets away from the idea of a static presence, establishing a relationship with the user). “We wanted to recreate the image of rain, of many droplets blocked and arrested in time. An immobile rainfall, captured in mid-air, for eternity,” says Michele Losito, General Manager of Euroluce Light of Italy.

The Gocce collection takes its place in the design approach previously traced by Astral, a collection that is configured – to use the words of Studio in Project, in charge of its design – as “the spectacle of the cosmos, sparkling with its constellations: the stars, like holes in the sky, allow the light of infinity to shine through.” The protagonist, in fact, is the single lighting element with its satin gold finish, but in grouped compositions the theatrical impact is multiplied.

Astral by Twenty brand design

Astral by Twenty Brand Design

Essential by Twenty brand design

Essential by Twenty Brand Design

Essential by Twenty brand design

And by Essential (from the Twenty Brand Design catalogue), a name that already suggests a minimal, rationalist style, where the spotlights (in matte black nickel) stand out with their pure geometry and linear structure, custom-made by hand to create grid from which the light disentangles itself with simplicity.