Architectural atmosphere with Boffi

A composition to interpret space with taste and rationality. The Antibes System and the APR60 kitchen by Piero Lissoni create the design perfection that always sets Boffi’s solutions apart

Boffi, Antibes System
Boffi, Antibes System

Design and architecture are the intertwining elements that create the shared, geometric language found in many Boffi products, such as the Antibes bookcase with its rigorous lines, and the APR60 kitchen, with essential styling, both designed by Piero Lissoni in collaboration with CRS Boffi.
Antibes is a modular system, a grille that divides space with elegant horizontal and vertical lines, without a back. It can be attached to the wall or become the protagonist of a room with a floor-to-ceiling structure. The system offers great compositional flexibility, and in the kitchen it can become an accessorized storage wall. It also comes with an LED bar lighting system that contributes to underscore the geometric and architectural character.

The APR60 kitchen plays with encounters between forms and materials and adapts to use in the living area or in a separate space. The pure form is enhanced by the lack of handles on the base cabinets, whose fronts have a protruding upper border to permit opening. The bases with hob, washing zone and storage cabinets under the counter are enhanced by paneling equipped with shelves and hanging cabinets, which can be open or closed. The gaze is captured by the details, the carefully gauged thicknesses and shifted volumes, but also by the range of colors or combinations with materials like wood and glass or wood and steel.

Boffi, APR60 Share Open Evolution & Antibes System