Sensorial surfaces

The Premium Collection of Arpa Industriale: a selection Made in Italy of high-quality surfaces for interior design

Arpa Industriale, Premium Collection
Arpa Industriale, Premium Collection

Raw materials are a clear focus for Arpa Industriale, the manufacturer for over 60 years of panels with HPL technology, and the creator of the innovative Fenix®, a high-tech material that has revolutionized interior design. Architecture, interiors, healthcare, yachting: the destinations for the Arpa collections are various, and lead to an even wider range of expressive possibilities for the company based in Bra, developed by starting with its surfaces. The new Premium Collection fits into this scenario: 208 decorative effects, combined with 23 exclusive finishes. 

Arpa Industriale, Premium Collection, Colorsintesi
Arpa Industriale, Premium Collection, Fantasie
Arpa Industriale, Premium Collection, Legni
Arpa Industriale, Premium Collection, Metalli
Arpa Industriale, Premium Collection, Pietre
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The collection is divided into five families: the essential solid colors of Colorsintesi, that natural tactile effects of Legni (woods), the versatility of Pietre (stones), the intriguing contaminations of fabrics, oxidations and cements of Fantasie, the luminous glow of Metalli (metals, for vertical application).
The material dimension of Premium is then interpreted in various finishes by Arpa: Alevé, Flatting, Kèr, Losa, Luna, Mika and Urban

Photo credits © Giulio Ghirardi
Set Design & Styling: DWA Design Studio