A question of perspective

Soaring in space and overlooking the Bay of Canyamel in Mallorca, the private residence designed by the duo Paula Caballero García & Diego Colón de Carvajal Salís

House Can Canyís by Caballero Colón
House Can Canyís by Caballero Colón

Being based at Palma de Mallorca, as well as Madrid, has definitely given the architects Caballero Colón a unique, total empathy in the creation of the private residence Can Canyís. Accustomed to the experience of the vivid light and intense colors of the Mediterranean, they have transmitted its essence and joy into a building overlooking the Bay of Canyamel, from the top of a steep hillside.

An eccentric yet simple set of four volumes, pivoting on the rock to spread out towards the blue of the sea and sky, like extended fingers. Every space frames a view of the bay through large windows, though the house avoids compromising the panorama.
The sense of measure can also be seen inside, where the materials do the talking, carefully selected by Paula Caballero and Diego Colón, from white lime stucco to the local sandstone known as marés, a modern interpretation of traditional Spanish tiles, and blanched pine planks with a driftwood-like image. The small tiles in the kitchen echo the hues of the landscape and the architectural tradition of the island

The furnishings match this philosophy of clean lines, and many of them are custom creations using ash wood, as in the case of the dining table, and wicker for the chairs.
The same essential mood is reflected in the stainless steel of the faucets in the kitchen and the bath, produced by Ceadesign, where the Asta collection is combined with the Free Ideas spouts, personalized with different hues of silicon rubber to stay in tune with the interior design. In the private bathrooms of the bedrooms, the faucets stand out for their essential elegance.

The space is contained in a glass volume, where the washstand, tub and shower are isolated and freely organized, offering views of the landscape from every position. The entire house has been designed for a perfect bio-climate, thanks to a semi-basement portion that helps to keep the internal temperature constant, aided by the orientation of the various volumes and the inclusion of a small inner patio that generates light breezes of fresh air.

Photo credits © Luis Díaz Díaz, Fernando Andrés Puerto