Everything starts with respect for the environment. Philosophy, production and workmanship, as well as countless green-oriented initiatives. Itlas has made a passion for nature into a true corporate vocation, to concretely implement and transmit through collections that reproduce natural wellness, while above all safeguarding its tenets and authenticity.

Itlas, Online, Rovere Natura Plus

Itlas, Online, Rovere Natura Plus

A forceful advocate of the qualities of wood – lightness, strength, warmth – but also of its high performance – acoustic insulation, durability, reduction of CO2 emissions, as a 100% renewable resource – Itlas (founded by Patrizio Dei Tos at Cordignano, Treviso) has focused on the production of prefinished wood floors for over 30 years, while making care for the environment and a sustainable approach the key factors of its industrial process, starting with sourcing of raw materials with strict controls, relying only sustainable forestry providing PEFC™ or FSC® certification.

Hence the choice of concentrating all the production in Italy, crafting products from start to finish (from the timber to the floor) and monitoring the entire life cycle, throughout its evolution.
This method allows Itlas to project fully eco-compatible projects, responding to the increasingly pressing trends and needs in worldwide contexts of architecture and design. The approach also extends to custom solutions – from facings for furniture to bathroom décor.

The Ecos sustainable circular economy project exists in total continuity with this ideology, utilizing secondary raw materials for wooden surfaces, floors and walls: this permits reduction of scrap to a minimum, while restoring value to the materials and bringing new life to portions that would otherwise be lost. The results are the Online and Online industrial flooring collections, belonging to the family of the Legni del Doge – which together with the Assi del Cansiglio and Tavole del Piave lines are the long-term projects that have made the company famous – offering prefinished double-layer parquet floors. Created as the outcome of regeneration of production scrap from other processes, these products offer unique aesthetic impact, as well as being ecological, stable, precise and resistant.

Itlas, Online-Rovere-Natura-Plus

Itlas, Online, Rovere Natura Plus

Itlas, Boiserie-Le-Righe-Fineline-Rovere

Itlas, Le Righe Fineline, Rovere

Comparable qualities are found in the Ecos offerings for paneling, with Le Righe, produced with planks in two layers (industrial oak on the visible part, with backing in birch plywood), available in a single width of 200 mm, with length varying from 900 to 1700 mm and thickness of 24 mm; and Le Righe Fineline (combining industrial oak and laminate) produced on a flexible panel measuring 5x1260x2580 mm. For vertical facings of rhythmical elegance and natural geometric appeal.