Porada Essential

Here the first of the two artistic videos created by Porada to narrate the essence of the company

To narrate the spirit of a company, its vision, its 60 years of history. To compress this narrative into one minute of images that immediately suggest a philosophy and the strong emotions conveyed by the firm’s furnishings. These are the premises behind the new video “Porada Essential,” the first of the two artistic productions created by the company in collaboration with the filmmaker Jacopo Rondinelli and the creative director Marco Pianigiani, presented during the course of 2021.

A sequence of images, a musical crescendo, poetic suggestions that accompany visual and audio expressions: a universe in a state of becoming that reveals itself, the universe of Porada, which from the raw material passes through the most authentic forms of workmanship and crafts, until it takes form in the complete creation of furniture.

The voyage takes us beyond the material, beyond the details, beyond the design, all the way to the spirit of the product and the essence of the company.