The elegant curve

Curved, sinuous design in the creations for 2021 by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poliform. A new interpretation of the lifestyle and “sustainable quality” of the company

Saint-Germain & Le Club by Poliform, Design Jean-Marie Massaud
Saint-Germain & Le Club by Poliform, Design Jean-Marie Massaud

The inimitable touch of Jean-Marie Massaud is back for Poliform, in the design of the new proposals for the living room in 2021. Westside, Mondrian and Bellport are now followed by Saint-Germain, an upholstered furniture system with sinuous, sensual forms. As in the previous iconic collections, the modular approach is wide ranging, with an accent on comfort: islands of extreme relaxation, composed of multiple elements.

Saint-Germain by Poliform, Design Jean-Marie MassaudSaint-Germain by Poliform, Design Jean-Marie Massaud

The stylistic plot changes, however, since Saint-Germain stands out for soft roundness in all the modules of the series; an enveloping nature that creates linear sofas, L-shaped configurations or organic compositions. This is a novel concept with respect to the more rigorous linear approach usually applied by the French designer, emphasized even in the coverings, in fabric or leather, that frame the full volumes.

Le Club by Poliform, Design Jean-Marie Massaud
Le Club by Poliform, Design Jean-Marie Massaud

The same design trajectory can also be seen in the Le Club chair, a name that indicates an inspiration, namely the emulation of the voluminous leather armchairs in the clubs of the last century. Jean-Marie Massaud reinterprets archetypes, filtered by his contemporary gaze: the forms are radically lightened, the materials reduced to an essential minimum, and elegance becomes more nonchalant. The result is an airy, almost suspended place to sit, defined only by a continuous line that frames the perimeter, in a game of full and empty zones between the base and the back.

The new items are the result of a long-term dialogue between Massaud and Poliform, with an experimental approach that thrives on a solid, shared vision of intent: “a shared evolution,” to use the words of the designer, in a perspective of sustainability
understood as “consistency, the quality of what we offer to our audience.
Sustainability lies in things well made, things we can love for a long time.”

And while “the company has a unique way of giving rise to a refined, timeless elegance,”
the new furnishings created by Massaud “are all inspired by this search for something unique but universal, by the desire to share beauty, sensuality, culture and quality,” Massaud emphasizes.

Saint-Germain and Le Club fit perfectly into this idea of a warm, familiar landscape, producing a precise sensation of pleasant domestic wellbeing.