CleanOut, protective ceramics

The secret is in the silver ions, contained inside the CleanOut ceramics created by Ragno for active defense against germs and bacteria in residential and commercial spaces

Though they are often invisible, biological agents like bacteria, molds and fungi spread into the air by way of surfaces, causing more or less serious problems. Ragno offers total protection thanks to CleanOut, an antimicrobial technology for ceramic floors and facings that prevents the growth and reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms, reducing bacterial load by up to 99.9% and neutralizing unpleasant odors.
The silver ions irreversibly built into the ceramic material are constantly active on the surface and ready to be released day and night, also without UV rays, to make our living spaces healthier and cleaner.

Ragno, Roots
Ragno, Roots

Roots is the first collection by Ragno made by CleanOut technology, with a slightly imperfect aesthetic, in White, Grey, Beige and Multicolor tones, available with indoor and outdoor finishes to create architectural projects of refined visual continuity. Roots hides a sustainable soul, since it is made with 40% recycled material.