Scavolini: Total Home Living for transformation

With multiple functions in a single interior design, BoxLife organizes living spaces in a flexible, modular way. Without overlooking the wardrobe cabinet (Cabina Armadio)

Boxi by Scavolini, Design Yorgo Lykouria
Boxi by Scavolini, Design Yorgo Lykouria

Designed in collaboration with Yorgo Lykouria, creative director of the international firm Rainlight, BoxLife by Scavolini is an interior design program developed to respond to the increasingly urgent need to personalize living spaces of all sizes, large or small. A versatile ‘total look’ system for the living area and the bedroom zone, based on two fundamental design principles: on the one hand, the idea of concealing to transform and store in a flexible way; on the other, the modular design of wardrobes of large size, ready to take on different functions and to generate multiple spatial solutions that adapt to various styles, forms and proportions.

Boxi by Scavolini, Design Yorgo Lykouria

As Yorgo Lykouria explains, “BoxLife permits the same space to be simultaneously utilized for a range of different purposes. A place to cook, work, sleep, do laundry and organize a wardrobe, a refuge for relaxation; BoxLife facilitates the harmonious coexistence of every ‘component’ with the others.”


The linear, corner or gulf configurations are enclosed by paneling with vanishing opening devices, in folding, sliding or pivoting versions. The handles and grips have been formulated to ensure comfort and maximum stylistic continuity: the opening of the outer panels relies on built-in handles, while that of the internal furnishings is done with a handle on the edge of the door.


One outstanding new feature of the program is the debut of the Boxi kitchen with its living room proposal. The cabinets have retractable single or double doors, and can contain up to four appliances, a supplementary sliding worktop, many shelves and drawers for storage.

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Boxi by Scavolini, Design Yorgo Lykouria

The bedroom zone, along with wardrobes equipped with an internal lighting system, can contain double, single or bunk beds, and two opening systems – manual or motorized.

In this more private and personal context of the home, the Cabina Armadio line designed by Vuesse fits in perfectly. A modular system of structural uprights, complete and rational, organized in basic modules with a depth of 61 cm in linear or corner arrangements, to optimize available space, utilizing depth and configuring compartments to make personalized wardrobe cabinets of maximum functional quality. The wide range of accessories includes clothes hangers and extractable frames, raised garment rods, drawers, trouser hangers and shoe storage units. Bianco Puro, Grigio Gabbiano, Grigio Ferro, Noce Garden and Larice Nuance are the finishes, with a contemporary appeal to bring out the best in the various applications of the program.

Cabina Armadio by Scavolini, Design Vuesse