An exclusive oasis

The first pilot villa of Epic Marbella is ready, part of a luxurious residential project in the Andalusian seaside city, and a demonstration of Margraf’s sartorial excellence, Made in Italy

Villa campione, Epic Marbella by Margraf
Villa campione, Epic Marbella by Margraf

Developer: Sierra Bianca Estate e Fendi Casa
Outdoor project: Architetto Teodoro Cabrilla
Interior project: The One Atelier
Furnishings: Fendi Casa
Surfaces: Margraf

Photo credits: Stefan Randholm Photography

Margraf, Epic Marbella

Looking for a unique lifestyle on the Costa del Sol? Along the famous golden mile of Marbella, a pilot villa has already been completed – the first of 56 luxury units – to epitomize the pleasures of a stay in Andalusia’s most glamorous locality. An alcove of sorts, but also cosmopolitan, one of the favorite destinations of a worldwide elite, with remarkable services: concierge, fitness, smart working spaces and facilities for kids. Not to mention the two 25-meter infinity pools and the sumptuous spa with treatment rooms, steam baths and saunas.

Built by Sierra Blanca Estates, a local luxury developer, the Epic Marbella project has been curated down to the smallest details, especially for the interiors, making it a buen retiro that guarantees absolute privacy, but without exclusion from the lively atmosphere of the city.

The One Atelier, a company specialized in turnkey luxury dwellings, has chosen the excellence Made in Italy of Fendi Casa for the furnishings, and of Margraf for the precious surfaces. The products of the Vicenza-based firm, specialized for over 100 years in the quarrying and crafting of fine marble varieties, enhance the various spaces, playing with various shades of white and gray.

For the internal flooring, slabs of New Calacatta have been combined with natural oak, as in the stairwell or the corridors, making the spaces distinctive, also thanks to the polishing process that brings out the colors and grain of this material composed of white crystalline limestone with beige-brown veins.

Margraf, Epic Marbella
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The bathrooms and kitchen feature Classic Roman Travertine, a limestone composed of sedimentary rock with a fine grain, displaying overall nuances of beige-hazelnut and whitish veins. Perfect for spaces where water and steam are always present, and thorough cleaning is a must.
This marble is particular resistant to slipping and abrasion, especially after the bush-hammering process that makes it skid-proof, and the sand-blasting that transforms the surface for a rugged, grainy tactile effect.

Great care has gone into the choice of the material for the outdoor spaces and the sumptuous terraces.

Margraf, Epic Marbella

Here Lipica Fiorito with a non-slip flamed finish permits safe enjoyment of the fantastic view of the Mediterranean and the La Concha peak. The flaming is a special process performed by using oxygen and gas, reaching a high temperature on the surface (2500-3000°C) to subject them to thermal shock of about 600°C combined with immediate cooling with water, causing a phenomenon of dilation and splitting of the quartz and silica. For a perfect grip on the ground, also in humid conditions.
The large full-height windows and ample sizing of the rooms bring out the expressive power of Margraf marble, revealing the company’s exceptional research and technological innovation honed over the years.

These advantages have made Margraf a famous and sought-after name around the world, capable of offering a vast range of fine materials and excellent products for construction and architecture. All without losing sight of care for the environment. Margraf, in fact, makes systematic investments in all the factors that can reduce environmental impact: from the most advanced equipment to projects of landscape enhancement, all the way to energy savings and the use of renewable resources.

Margraf, Epic Marbella