As deep as the ‘Pacific’

Inspired by the relaxed atmospheres of the American West Coast – hence the name: Pacific, a collection of upholstered furnishings created by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

Pacific by Moroso, Design Patricia Urquiola - Photo © Alessandro Paderni
Pacific by Moroso, Design Patricia Urquiola - Photo © Alessandro Paderni

Once again, Patricia Urquiola has found a way to transfer intensity into the forms of designed elements. With her special ability to add spirit to objects, the Spanish designer has given life to the Pacific collection of upholstered furnishings produced by Moroso. A series that represents the continuation of the path that began with the iconic Redondo, also by Patricia Urquiola, from 2010, “the evolution of a collection that in these years has met with great success, also for its innovative, luxurious use of surface finishes,” says Patrizia Moroso, art director of the company.

Pacific by Moroso, Design Patricia Urquiola - Photo © Alessandro Paderni

Photo © Alessandro Paderni

The firm and the designer have many affinities: they are open to what happens around them, and are able to interpret that input in a very original way, reconciling craftsmanship and sartorial know-how with industrial production processes. “For Pacific – the designer says – we have worked more on the form in the plan, and on the timely comeback of curved, ample lines.” Like the ocean, the collection – composed of a 3-seat sofa and an armchair – plays with sinuous lines, turns, ripples, creating an almost ‘protective’ intimacy based on an enveloping idea of comfort and relaxation. The round, oversized shape is enhanced by the total absence of corners and a series of couture details. With soft, removable fabric – a refined bouclé, soft wool or luxurious velvet – chosen to create an extraordinary tactile effect.

The ample volume of Pacific is a warm embrace in which to get lost, inside the home or in a hotel. It was on view during the Design Week in Milan, selected as one of the protagonists of Stanze, the installation presented in the Moroso showroom on Via Pontaccio: a project by the art director Patrizia Moroso, with which the company tells its story. The products are arranged in a space conceived to be reproduced at various points of sale, relying on varying flexible, personal and personalized compositions. The company becomes a creative partner, developing a custom project to display the entire Moroso home.

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