WQube, the Tecno hypertech office

WQube, the plug-and-play architectural module by Tecno, lets you set up an office anywhere, with a well-equipped, technological, efficient and sustainable solution completely separated from the host building

WQube, created by the Tecno in-house design division in collaboration with Elliot Engineering & Consulting, is the flexible office par excellence. The light structure can contain managerial or operative offices, meeting rooms and video conference rooms, shared areas or waiting zones, as well as retail facilities.

Depending on needs, modules are offered in six sizes (as well as an autonomous Pod Cabin). Thanks to its rapid assembly, the system can be expanded or reduced when necessary. The module, with a free layout, can alternate glass walls with opaque surfaces, and guarantees great acoustic performance, correct ventilation and optimal lighting (the LEDs have dimmers thanks to the technologies of Lutron, a Tecno partner). People working inside this hypertech office can rely on the app Dina – Connecting Spaces which permits management and optimizing of resources to create a space that is totally at the service of people, available by remote renovation and accessed in total safety.

Tecno, WQube
Tecno, WQube

Photo credits © Right Light